Are you still on the fence about cloud based time tracking software? Odds are, you have bulky time sheet software that’s limited to a specific number of computers and is costly to upgrade. It may or may not perfectly suit your company. Is this really how you want things to be forever? Now is the time to change. If you’re not sure, check out these five reasons to switch and you’ll wonder why you’ve been waiting.


Easy Updates

Updating standard time software isn’t always easy. Sometimes you’re forced to upgrade your own equipment, plus you have to deal with the update process. Cloud based software requires little to no interaction from you. At worst, it may be down for a few hours while the provider updates their servers. Since it’s cloud based, you don’t have to worry about costly equipment upgrades either.


Access Anywhere

If your company has employees who are always on the go, tracking their time is sometimes difficult. They might forget to email their time in or forget to punch in before heading to see a client. With cloud solutions, they can log-in to the web interface from any computer. While you can prevent which devices have access, overall, employees have anywhere access. Some providers even offer mobile time sheet apps that integrate with the system.


Quick And Easy To Change

Regular software is usually limited in what elements you can change. Outside of changing a few roles and time rules, you’re stuck with a box solution that doesn’t change with your company. Cloud based time and attendance software is usually quick and easy to change. From customizing the entire look and feel to adding special reports, you can change things without needing a developer on hand.


Better Uptime

What happens when the one computer your time sheet software is installed on crashes? You’re left at a stand still until the problem is fixed. What if your network goes down? Any internal solutions are out of the question until you’re back up and running. Cloud solutions prevent all this. The software is installed on the provider’s servers, so it’s always available. If a server crashes, the company switches to a backup. It really is that simple.


Extra Security

Despite all the buzz that the cloud isn’t secure, in many ways it’s more secure. Not only do you have backups at all times for any data stored on the provider’s servers, but you also have the benefit of several layers of security. The provider will tell you exactly what precautions and technologies they use, so you can choose the best one for you.


Get Ready To Switch

Switching to a cloud based time tracking software isn’t as scary as it sounds. Try a test run to see how you like a provider before switching. For instance, On-Time Web offers a completely free, fully functional 30 day demo. After just a few days, you’ll fall in love with the cloud and all the features On-Time Web has to offer.

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