There is much talk today about hiring work-from-home or remote workers. With technology shrinking the world, it’s easier than ever before to get the best talent from around the globe. While hiring remotely might not be the best choice for every company, here are three reasons you should consider it:

1. Save money

Running a business is expensive. A good chunk of that expense can often be wrapped up in leases, office furniture, and building maintenance. Having a remote team can eliminate many of these expenses saving you money! You can then use this saved money to better invest in your employees, buy new technology or save the money for a rainy day.

2. Increase productivity

Although the data available to gauge the productivity of remote workers is limited, there is evidence to suggest that remote workers are very productive. There is even evidence to suggest they might be more productive than their office counterparts. Besides, with all the modern technology (like On-Time Web) it’s easy to keep track of and communicate with your employees from anywhere. In addition, you’ll likely see fewer employee issues due to personality conflicts, and you’ll provide employees with a more comfortable work environment.

3. Happier employees

In general, remote workers seem to be much more satisfied with their work than traditional office workers. Many factors contribute to this including less stress, better work-life balance, less micromanagement and a more comfortable work environment. There will always be some degree of tension and conflict in any workplace, however, eliminating these factors as much as possible can create a better work setting for everyone. Happier employees lead to more productivity, less employee turn over and a great team.

No matter what kind of business you run, the On-Time Web team is always here to help with your time and attendance needs. With our website and mobile apps, you can track employee time from anywhere.

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