Have you ever wanted to know what potential hires are looking for in a company? A 2017 State of the American Workplace Gallup survey has the answers. In this study participants were asked to rank attributes they considered most important when considering a job at another organization. Here’s what the survey revealed:

1. Money

This one is probably obvious and consistently makes it was on to nearly every survey about the subject. Shockingly an increased salary was number four on the Gallup polls order of importance for when employees were considering leaving for a new company.

2. The opportunity to use their talents

Employees, more than anything else on the list wanted a place where they could use their abilities effectively. They wanted jobs that allowed them to have the correct role to suit their talents. In fact, this is the number one consideration employees listed with a whopping sixty percent saying this ranked of high importance.

3. Job security

New employees overwhelming wanted to know that their job was secure for the future and that the company was built to last. They want a place that will allow them to grow, mature and develop their talents and abilities. They want to work with companies that have a clear vision and are adaptable to economic change.

4. Work-Life Balance

Employees don’t mind working hard but it’s not all they want to do. Employees want to have a life outside of work, time with their families and friends and time to relax. Also, perks like flex time, the ability to work at least part of the time remotely are all benefits that have great appeal to the modern employee.

5. To work for a reputable brand

Your brand identity matters. More than any other time in history it seems, people want to work for companies they can be proud to name. They not only want a job that pays well, but to work for a company that they believe in. That means companies need to be active on social media, contribute value to their communities and have a clear vision for their company.

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