How-To Videos

Below are our how-to videos showing how to use and navigate some of the screens in On-Time Web. Select a video from the playlist drop-down menu on the current video to view our other tutorial videos.

On Time Web Intro

Geofence Setup


Settings & Defaults: Punch Settings

Supervisors Group

Dashboard Settings


Earning Codes

Leave Time Adjustments

Create Events

Work Schedules

Reallocate Time

Punch Overrides

Import Mappings

Jobs, Phases & Tasks

Request Time Off

Time Approvals: Adding Time

Export Mappings

Purge Data

Export Transactions

Import Data

Changing Themes and Layouts

On-Time Web Overview

Making Employee Punches

Backup & Restore Company

Making Bulk Time Entries

Badge Label Maker

Approve Leave Time

Timesheet Entry

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