Time Tracking for the Construction Industry

Tracking time in the construction industry is usually a hassle. With employees at different sites and often on the go, it’s hard to track down timesheets or have everyone clock in at one location. On-Time Web solves all these problems and simplifies time tracking and attendance management with an easy to use cloud-based time solution. The customizable software will make you wonder how you ever managed before.

Construction Industry Time Tracking
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Use Your Own Terminology

All of the costing fields in the software are editable. The defaults are Job, Phase, and Task. These don’t precisely apply to the construction industry. Instead, make it easier to track hours based on the terminology that best fits your company. Use the type of construction or equipment used versus the default labels.

Capture Time Anywhere

Gather time punches from anywhere with time clocks or our Android and iOS mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. The app allows both punch style and free-form timesheet entry. If using our OT1000 on-site clock, a USB thumb drive gathers data and imports it when an internet connection is available. Employees no longer have any reason not to punch in and out.

Simple, Real Time Reporting

All time data is gathered in a central location quickly without having to wait hours for updates. You can quickly see time data by employee, project or any other filter you create. Plus, you can create customizable labor cost reports with just a few clicks.

Three Levels Of Reporting

Capture time data your way with three levels of reporting. If you have employees who go to multiple sites each day, record punches based on job title, location and even the tasks they completed. This makes viewing time spent on individual tasks easier than ever and makes future quoting for projects even more accurate

Reduce Paperwork

Since employees enter time directly into the system, you don’t have hard to read paperwork or any duplicate data to deal with. Time is captured quickly and accurately no matter what entry method is used. This means less work for managers and payroll. It also means less time spent tracking down time information from employees.

Perfect For Any Construction Company

On-Time Web gives you your own time tracking website with the features you want, including choosing who has access to which features for optimal security. The customizable interface and easy time capture make it perfect for any construction company. From industrial and home building to highway construction, every construction company can benefit from On-Time Web’s feature set.

Stop managing time the hard way. Get more accurate data easily by contacting On-Time Web today for a free demo.

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