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On-Time Web™ is a web timesheet software solution that puts the power of employee time tracking, employee leave tracking and project tracking at your fingertips. The extensive available features, rich customization and simple payroll integration make our timesheet software the perfect choice for small businesses while the scaling architecture and employee-based pricing make it an easy choice for enterprise solutions.

Some of Our Feature Highlights

Employee Timesheets

Employees track their time using either the time clock mode or sheet entry mode.

Timesheet Approvals

Quickly and easily approve your employees’ timesheets in minutes.

Employee PTO & Leave

Track and monitor employee leave time and PTO requests.

Real-Time Reports

Over 20 different reports for employee timesheets, payroll, project costing and HR.

GPS & Location Tracking

Always know where your employees are tracking their time no matter the device.

Payroll Integrations

Create custom export layouts for integration into most payroll software and services.

Employee Schedules

Create multiple work schedules for all or specific employees.

Project & Job Tracking

Track and export your employees’ timesheets on projects, phases and tasks.

Any Device. Anywhere.

Track time from any device

  • Our employee timesheet and leave tracking software’s modern user interface turns any desktop web browser into a powerful time tracker.
  • The On-Time Web Android and iPhone mobile time tracking apps include GPS location tracking and allow employees to punch or enter their time. They can also submit leave requests, view approved timesheets and see their dashboard.
  • The same mobile time tracking apps also have a supervisor mode, which allows the manager to make timesheet entries for all or some of their employees all at once.
  • The On-Time Web time clock mobile app for Android tablets works like a traditional time clock hanging on the wall.
  • Our OT1000 Smart Web Time Clock is a traditional time clock that can also work offline. Employees use RFID badges to make timesheet punches. Perfect for factories and the manufacturing industry!


Competitive Pricing

There is no extra software to purchase or base fees in order to use our web timesheet software. Included training, unlimited support and free consulting allows us to be competitive and affordable when it comes to our prices.

Payroll Integration

Our easy to setup integration to your current payroll system, service or other software guarantees payroll is done in a timely manner. Allow our support staff to help with your time tracking integration needs.

Time Collection

Employees using our time tracking have multiple ways of entering time. They can use the web timesheet software in any modern browser, use the OT1000™ web time clock, or the Android/iOS mobile timesheet & time clock apps.

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