On-Time Web Announces a New Employee Type

We have always taken great pride in the fact that we respond to the needs of our clients. This has helped to bring great flexibility and rich features to On-Time Web. This new Division Administrator is no exception.

On-Time Web New Division Administrator

Division Administrator is a new classification of the employee in On-Time Web. This new classification is granted limited administrator rights. These rights will allow the Divisional Administrator abilities to Approve Time, Reallocate Time, enter Bulk Time, create/edit Work Schedules, setup Employees, setup Jobs/Phases/Tasks, setup/edit IP Address rules, Geofencing, Punch Overrides, Exporting and Importing, Label Maker and Post Messages to employees that are within their division.

Allowing for Delegation of Administrative duties

This new employee classification helps to relieve the company administrator for the tasks mentioned above, while still maintaining the control of company-wide settings. This security helps maintain the integrity of the company defaults.

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