Better Time Tracking for Restaurants

Keeping track of employees and their time in the restaurant industry can be confusing and complicated. You usually don’t have regular shifts or employees only working in single departments. Standard time tracking software makes you try to conform to set fields, making the problem even worse.

On-Time Web’s cloud-based software is the customizable solution for serving up an easier way to track time and attendance.

Restaurant Time Tracking
Restaurant Time Tracking

Change The Default Costing Labels

By default, On-Time Web uses Job, Phase, and Task for the costing labels. These might not apply to your restaurant. Instead, change them to what works best for you. It could be a shift, department, job title or anything else that fits your needs. Change the labels to what makes more sense for your industry.

Employee Work Schedules

Quickly and easily create employee work schedules in list view or calendar view for employees and supervisors. Detail reporting shows which employees were absent, early and late during their shifts.

On-Site And Mobile Tracking

Many restaurants offer catering and delivery services. Don’t wait for employees to check in later to collect their hours. On-Time Web provides both on-site and mobile tracking options. The web-based system allows employees to log in from anywhere to enter their time. They can also use the mobile app to enter time on the go quickly.

Track Employees Through Every Change

Some restaurant employees take on different roles throughout the day or week. Our system allows employees to punch into each role, shift or department quickly with our Switch function. Once they punch into another area, they are punched out of their previous area. Whether someone switches from host to server or focuses on cleaning for an hour to kitchen prep the next three hours, On-Time Web collects every switch with ease.

Real Time Data

All punches are entered into a cloud-based system. Anytime you check the data; it is always in real time. The only exception is if there is no Internet connection. However, all data is stored and instantly uploaded the moment a connection is available. No more waiting for hours or days for servers to update.

Gather Time Your Way

Smaller restaurants may prefer to skip the time clock and enter time manually. Others prefer using a time clock. Either way, our software handles it. It is also easy to manually change any data without complicated paperwork.

Custom Reports For Every Restaurant

Use our advanced filters to create custom reports specific to your restaurant and needs. See how many hours each employee spent on individual tasks at your latest catering event. See which employees spend the most time cleaning the restaurant. You get the reports you need without any information you don’t need.

Stop spending countless hours navigating complicated restaurant systems. Contact On-Time Web today for a free demo.

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