Employee Timesheets and QuickBooks Payroll

Are you looking for a timesheet solution for QuickBooks? Our employee timesheet software easily integrates with all versions of QuickBooks.

Simplify Time and Attendance

Once you’ve experienced the ease of our web timesheet import into QuickBooks payroll, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to switch.

QuickBooks Integration

Add web-based timesheet functionality to your QuickBooks installation. On-Time Web is a full featured time and attendance software that allows you to collect employee time via web timesheets, mobile apps, tablets and the OT1000 web time clock. Use the system to manage employees and automate employee timesheet data collection. Once the employees’ time is reviewed and approved you simply export the data.

The Process

The supervisor or payroll administrator reviews and approves the employee timesheet records.  The data is then exported to a .IIF file from On-Time Web for import into the QuickBooks Software.  The time records, project costing and job costing information is updated by using On-Time Web to collect, review and approve information.

Extra Security

Despite all the buzz that the cloud isn’t secure, in many ways it’s more secure. Not only do you have backups at all times for any data stored on the provider’s servers, but you also have the benefit of several layers of security. We will tell you exactly what precautions and technologies we use, so you can feel assure we may be the best one for you.

Still Not Convinced?

Many products claim to make payroll integration easier, but they usually fall short. On-Time Web is different. Since our system is cloud-based, there’s no extra software to install. Better yet, we provide easy setup integration with most payroll systems. This means no delays in payroll and no wasted hours spent installing software on multiple computers.

We offer highly competitive pricing with advantages such as free training, free consulting and unlimited support. Not only do we help you get setup, we continue to offer support to keep the attendance tracking side of your business running smoothly. Think of us as a must have HR assistant.

Is It Just Timesheet Software?

On-Time Web goes far beyond basic employee time tracking. Of course, it does excel at time and attendance tracking, but we thought businesses deserved more. That’s why we added in work schedules, system and employee messaging, birthday lists, events calendar, detailed reporting, notifications and much more.

Time can be entered through time clocks, computers, mobile devices or as one bulk entry for multiple employees at once. In short, it customizes to your needs. We hate seeing software that forces companies to compromise which just makes time management harder. With us, you get everything you need without compromising.

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