On Monday, May 7, 2018, we launched On-Time Web 3.0! With this significant upgrade we’re happy to share a few of the new features you will find:

New User Interface

We’ve completely updated the aesthetics to provide a cleaner, more modern interface. With that, you should notice new color schemes, more consistent button layouts and improved structure.

Improved Menu Layout

We’ve moved some menu items around, most notably our “Timesheet” screen. We’ve renamed this screen to “Time Entry” and made it easily accessible from the main navigation.

Additional Employee Features

Version 3.0 features an option to send new employees a welcome message, allowing for a smoother onboarding process. Also, employees are now able to view their time off requests, cancel pending requests and send reminders to supervisors. In addition, company administrators can now copy employee information to a new employee to speed up the data entry process.

Additional Leave Categories

Leave categories are no longer limited to standard presets. Users are now able to add custom leave categories.

Advanced Scheduling

Our new Advanced Scheduling feature will allow for comprehensive scheduling of employees by departments, skills, etc. This optional, premium* add-on will enable companies to entirely schedule events, workweeks, and multiple departments with ease.

New Ways to Download Reports

All non-master reports now have the option of being downloaded in Excel format.

Additional Time Punch Options

There are now company-wide options for requiring an employee to select a job/phase/task before punching their time. Also, there is an option to show and allow employees to change earning codes when making punches.

Read-Only Supervisors

Company administrators now have the option to give supervisors read-only access.

Improved Time Approval Screen

The employee filter on the Time Approval screen has been moved to the main screen quicker access.

Updated Apps

In addition to our overhauled website, we also launched redesigned iOS and Android apps.

You can give the new On-Time Web a try FREE for 14-days!

*additional cost for premium features

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