OTW perfect for Manufacturing

Manufacturing brings its own set of difficulties to the table when you are talking about collecting and reporting time for payroll and/or job reporting. There are specific tools that you need to have if your plan to be as accurate as possible without delaying production. On-Time Web offers these tools as a part of their complete time and attendance package.

Manufacturing needs simplified data entry

Your workforce is specialized. They perform a specific task in the production process. That is their focus. It is important not to distract them from their tasks. This is why the collecting of data needs to be as simple and easy as possible. Simple In/Out punches are critical to keeping the process moving.

Need to be able to change jobs with one click

If you are in need of actually collecting time on specific Jobs/Phases/and tasks for more granulated reporting, On-Time Web also makes that simple too. Select the Job/Phase/Task and click Switch. This will punch them out on what they were working on and in on the new one. It is easy and quick and only takes seconds to accomplish.

Manufacturing needs easy time reallocation

It can be difficult trying to reallocate time for your workforce. When production is halted for any reason and your workers are tasked with other non-production work, you don’t want them to waste time going and punching the clock. You give them their new task and let them work. Then you can reallocate the time easily in On-Time Web. This way you can seperate the time away from production to the specific department.

Real data within minutes

Often you need to see your data for planning within minutes. On-Time Web receives data from the shop floor in as little as five-minute increments or even sooner if the data is being entered via a workstation. So you can stay abreast as to what is being worked on at any time.

On-Time Web helps keep your production moving with as little wasted time as possible. If you would like to try On-Time Web to see for yourself just click here for a 14-day free trial or email us here and schedule a review to see how On-Time Web works. We know that it can make a world of difference in your company.

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