There are thousands of blogs posts and articles that speak to the difficulty of transitioning to the cloud.   But when looking at cloud computing objectively, you may find that it is easier and less fearful as you have been led to believe.

There are definite benefits in moving to cloud-based time and attendance system or SAAS (Software as a Service).  Enter time from anywhere, work from anywhere, free or low-cost mobile apps, no hardware to purchase, no annual maintenance fee, often no support charges and training fees.  Yet people still have some reluctance. For many, it appears to be a huge step into the unknown.  Let me remind you what FDR said, “…only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  here is some information about that could help dispel the fear of cloud computing.

Time and Attendance is a good place to start

If your company is considering moving your business to the cloud, time and attendance is a great place to start. I understand the fear of moving everything you have to the cloud.  That could be a monumental task.  But remember the old question, “How do you eat an elephant?” the answer can’t be simpler, “One bite at a time.”  You start by moving part of what you do to the web.  This is why time and attendance is a good place to start.  It is a simple start to cloud computing that once you begin, will ease your anxiety of cloud computing.

Easy to setup

Often good cloud-based systems are designed to streamline the process of getting started.  They have setup wizards or walk-throughs to take you through the software step-by-step.  They also have video training that helps with understanding the system.

Tools to Import Data

A good cloud-based system should have an easy method to import information into the system.  A great cloud-based system gives you the ability to create an import map which then creates a template that you into the system.  The files that you should be able to import would be your employees, departments, divisions, and jobs. This makes the setup of your time and attendance easier and faster.

Trust and Confirm

I have had many questions concerning how you keep people from using their computer or phone app to clock in and out from their home? Good question. It is important to know if your cloud-based time and attendance system utilize GPS location tagging and geofencing.  These allow you to keep track of where the punch was actually made.  This should be reviewable when approving time.  If there are any suspicions, you can review the records and clear the issue up quickly.  Geofencing takes this a step further by allowing management to select an area on a map a that limits time punches within that area.  Once people know this they tend to not even attempt to subvert the system.

Easy Data Reporting

Modern cloud-based systems also utilize better reporting tools than older on-premise software.  A good cloud-based system should give complete access to the data for reporting.  A good system not only has specific reports for different data but also give the ability to filter the data to make a simple report more specialized.  For example, you can run a timesheet report, then filter for specific earning code such as vacation and select a specific employee. This turns the timesheet report into a detailed vacation report.

No Contracts

At one-time people were trying to force users to sign term contracts for cloud-based systems often locking them in years.  These contracts are put in place to protect the provider but they become a burden on customers.  Customers become forced to stay with a program that they may find doesn’t meet their needs.  This can cause conflict between the provider and the end user. Modern providers are aware of this and believe that people will continue to use their service because it is great, not because they are forced.

Training and Support Should Be Included in the Monthly Fees

As with any software, training is essential.  You could have the best system in the world but unless you understand how to use it, it becomes a waste of money.  Since the advent of month-to-month plans, it has become more prevalent for providers to make sure that people are well trained on their software.  People like using a system that is easy to use and understand. Training helps make both things possible.  Support can also be a factor, as the end user doesn’t have to be afraid to ask for help.  This brings new confidence to users and builds loyalty to the product.


The fact of the matter is that more and more businesses are moving to cloud-based solutions.Many find it more efficient and convenient to traditional software.  Now you know more about cloud computing, hopefully, you can alleviate your fears and get started with cloud-based time and attendance system.

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