6 Problems Solved in Collecting Time and Attendance at Remote Sites

Sharp practices such as employee tardiness, unapproved absence and early departure from workplace (especially, at remote sites) among other things can lead to reduction in a company’s productivity. Hence, the need to keep a track of time and attendance data of the employees.  

Time and Attendance Systems: what does it really do?

Time and attendance system is an important managerial tool that allows employees to clock in and out either through manual or electronic means. This is put in place to monitor employees. Here, you get to have a first-hand knowledge of who is at work, who is absent, who is leaving early and who is working overtime.

Truly, it is such a herculean task for Human Resources managers to know exactly when employees come and leave at remote workplaces. If effective time and attendance method are deployed, problems like these and many more can be solved.

Here are 6 problems solved in collecting time and attendance at remote sites:

1. Getting data in a timely manner – electronically vs manual paper systems

It is not just about tracking the time and attendance of employees, but using the right system gives managers factual information about the workforce on the site. It is more accurate, easier and faster to gather time and attendance data via electronic means. Unlike the time-consuming manual paper methods, where the time and attendance records can be falsified.

2. Supervisor time ticket entry for crew

A time ticket or card allows employees to punch in and out when they go to work. The supervisor of a crew makes the time punches for the whole crew with a single entry. Through this, employees will not be able to make falsified entries because the tickets get stamped only with the authorized time stamps. This goes a long way in relieving the need for additional devices on a worksite.

3. Time zone variances

All thanks to the advent of software and apps, variations in time zones is no longer a problem. Nowadays, it is possible to record time across different time zones accurately either based on the time of the home office or the remote offices. All you need do is get a time software or app installed, set a custom time zone and sit back.

4. Divisional payrolls

With an effective time and attendance system, you can collect time across several worksites and process payrolls corporately or independently with the same system. All these can still be done in accordance with the rules guiding the payroll divisions.

5. Delegation of approval process

The time and attendance data are collected at the remote sites. These data are then sent to the home office for evaluation and approval before handing off for payroll processing. Employees receive remunerations. Yes, it is that simple!

6. Ease of use

Regardless of the location, a good time and attendance system makes the job a lot less stressful. It is relatively easy to use and saves time. It also allows you to integrate the time and attendance data directly into your payroll system. Errors are checked and your calculations are done for you. What more could one ask for?


Having troubles collecting time and attendance data?

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