Powerful reporting can make a difference in your time and attendance system.  There are many ingenious people out there making due with the time and attendance systems that they have.  They work extremely hard to collect data to report back to the powers that be.  They spend hours cutting and pasting and reformatting and re-keying data to come up with the correct report.  This process is time-consuming and can be problematic.  Missed data, wrongly keyed data, and bad calculations can cause a major mistake in someone’s paycheck.  Thus, they spend extra hours reviewing, proofing and re-proofing their custom-made reports.

Powerful reporting needs to be flexible

A time and attendance solution must have a flexible reporting system.  A system that will allow the user to custom query the data and create applicable reports that provide accurate information.  A system that will make many, if not all the fields available to be queried.  The ability to do multiple field conditions to query data is even better.   You should be able to change your query in any given report and repurpose it for other needs.  For example, a timesheet report should also be able to be repurposed into a leave time report without custom development. Saving these report queries is valuable and will save the processor time in the future.

Viewing, printing, saving and exporting are a must

In addition to a powerful reporting system, a good time and attendance solution must allow you to utilize the data to its fullest.  Viewing time and attendance data can be challenging in some systems.  A good system will make it as easy as possible to view and access your data from the reporting system.  The ability to save reports either in PDF or Excel format brings a whole new level to your reporting.  Reports that are saved in Excel format will allow you the ability to drill into your data more effectively.  You can utilize tools like Power BI linking to the data in the Excel file to create powerful dashboards that can provide even more possibilities.

The capability to export your data is a key feature that may allow you to interface with your payroll software or payroll service company.  Part of this feature would be to give the administrator the ability to build an export map that will provide the data in the proper format.  When data is exported, the system should flag the records that have been exported so they will not easily be exported again.

On-Time Web brings all this and more

All the features that have been mentioned in this post are standard features in On-Time Web.  If you have been searching for something with powerful reporting that helps you interface with your data so you can utilize it to the fullest, try On-Time Web today by signing up for a 14-day free trial.  We are happy to help you learn the system.  We can schedule a review with you and answer any questions you may have.

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