3 HR Tools Needed in Your Time and Attendance System

HR Tools Needed in Your Time and Attendance System

There are 3 HR tools needed in your time and attendance system:  Leave Requests/Approvals, Automated Leave Accruals, and Work Schedules.  These three tools can really benefit your HR department and allow them to focus on other issues that arise.  It gives them the ability to better serve their employees and their employer without an extra cost.  Let’s look more closely to these tools.

Leave Requests/Approvals and Leave Scheduling

There are many different methods that HR Directors use to keep track, schedule, and report on Leave Requests – Excel spreadsheets, paper requests/approval sheets, emails, Google calendars, and a plethora of other methods.  This all points to inconsistency and confusion.  Why create new programs and new procedures that are outside your time and attendance system?

There are powerful systems on the market that are designed to help with this. These systems provide a simple way of requesting time off. They provide important data to the employee that is utilized when preparing to request time. How much time they have available, how much time they have already scheduled, and a calendar showing who else is scheduled off for the same time.  As a result, this gives the employees the ability to make better choices when scheduling time off that will lessen the impact on the rest of the company. They also will be able to view what has been sent and can resend the requests if there is no response.

The request for leave is automatically sent to their supervisor for approval via email.  Better systems will allow the supervisor the ability to approve or deny time directly from the email.  These systems provide the same information that the employee sees.  This will give the supervisor the data they need to approve or deny the request. If approved, the system should create an entry on a calendar that everyone can see, along with making time ticket entries for the approved time. Email is sent to the employee indicating whether it has been approved or denied.

Automated Leave Accruals

The second HR tool that is needed and should be a part of your time and attendance system is the Automatic Leave Accruals.  This is because often leave time is based on time worked.  Time worked is already a part of the time and attendance system.  Good systems will provide flexibility in the accrual setup whether you base the leave time on hours, weeks, months or annually.  These systems should also give you the ability to adjust time accordingly.

Work Schedules and Exception Reporting

The third HR tool that is needed and should be a part of your time and attendance system is the ability to create Work Schedules so you can report on whether or not employees are following their work schedules.  This should be reported in a type of scheduled vs actual report.  This report should tell you when someone was early, late or missed work.  It also must include the times people clock in and out for lunch and breaks.  These reports will come in very handy when preparing for annual reviews or the applying of points if your company has an attendance points system.

Does your time and attendance system do these things?  Do they charge extra for any of these features? On-Time Web does all this and more for about $1.45 per employee per month.

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