Why On-Time Web Is Perfect for Staffing Agencies

On-Time Web Perfect for Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies have their own sets of challenges when it comes to time and attendance.  Keeping track of employees at various locations, ensuring hours are correct, and getting local timesheet approval to name a few. In addition to these, you also have the task of collecting the data in a...

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On-Time Web and Setting Up Leave Time Accruals


Leave time can be a really difficult and complex issue.  A company has many employees with various start dates and different benefits packages.  It can take hours calculating and checking to make sure that the numbers are correct.  We know that if there is something wrong you will hear...

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Doing Time Rounding Correctly

Punch Rounding Header

You may not know it, but according to the US Department of Labor and Wages, you are allowed by law to do time rounding on your employees time. But there is a catch. Legally, you must round both ways utilizing the rule of 8’s.  For example, when rounding in...

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Solving Six Problems for Collecting Employee Time for Payroll

Solving the Top Six Problems for Collecting Employee Time for Payroll

Solving Six Problems for Collecting Employee Time.  Manually collecting employees time for payroll can be somewhat problematic. Not just reducing the mistakes but also reducing the time it takes to process. Solving Six Problems for Collecting Employee Time can be an easy fix with On-Time Web. Issue 1 – Missing...

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3 Things They Will Tell You Are Important for Time and Attendance That Aren’t

3 Things They Will Tell You Are Important for Time and Attendance That Aren’t

When looking to move to an electronic time and attendance solution for your business there are going to be a lot of systems to look at.  Be cautious – many will try to bend you to their idea of what you need without looking at what you do or...

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Powerful Reporting Can Make A Difference


POWERFUL REPORTING CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE Powerful reporting can make a difference in your time and attendance system.  There are many ingenious people out there making due with the time and attendance systems that they have.  They work extremely hard to collect data to report back to the powers...

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It Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Time and Attendance Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

Time and Attendance Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated. There are some complicated payrolls.  Prevailing wage, fringe, shift differentials, multiple earning codes, Jobs, Phases, and Tasks require specific methods for collecting time and processing.  But time and attendance doesn’t have to be complicated.  The majority of businesses today utilize a...

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It All Adds Up! How To Save Money In Payroll Without Cutting Wages.

It All Adds Up How To Save Money in Payroll Without Cutting Wages

Payroll is probably one of the most expensive costs for business today According to Second Wind Consultants, an average successful business payroll is 15 to 30 percent of your gross revenue.  If you are in the service industry, your payroll costs could encompass more than 50 percent of your gross revenue....

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