Stephen R. Covey once said: “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” Employees are the most valuable asset you have in your business. It’s easy to undervalue and take them for granted but focusing on their needs is a great way to make your business grow. Here are four ways to win your employee’s appreciation:

1. Listening

Never underestimate the power of effective communication and listening. Working for a company that takes the time to listen to its employees, is a huge benefit. Allowing for honest employee feedback, having clear conflict resolution policies in place and letting employees know they have a voice can go a long way towards earning their loyalty.


We’re not talking about participation trophies here but honest appreciation for good work. The reward doesn’t have to massive or monetary even but could be as simple as a short email in recognition of good work. See an employee going above and beyond their duties? Take the time to let them know they are appreciated.

3. Honest Feedback

Feedback in the business world is worth its weight in gold. That’s why nearly every company has customer satisfaction surveys, feedback, etc. We value when people can tell us how to make our products and services better. Employees appreciate the same thing. We’re not talking about constant scathing criticism but honest, constructive feedback. If an employee knows that you have their best interest and improvement at heart, they’ll appreciate the input.

4. Goals and Expectations

It’s always a good idea to have a company plan, one that’s more involved than “we want to make money.” Making sure employees know not only the overall company goals but also individual expectations is essential to keeping employee morale high. Being able to define success for projects, setting annual goals and clear guidelines for jobs will all lead to better employee satisfaction.

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