On-Time Web Mobile and COVID-19

On-Time Web Mobile and COVID-19

COVID-19 has forced businesses to start thinking outside of the box. when it comes to time and attendance, staffing and continuing to work. Owners are working to try to make their environment safer for their employees. Many have started working from home and others are trying to make changes that will work.

It is important to continue keeping your time and attendance going even when people are working from home. Even for those who are still working on-site, employers are looking at everything that their employees touch as a possible point of infection. Time clocks can even be a hazard.

On-Time Web Mobile is The Solution.

On-Time Web has tools that you can deploy. It allows employees to report their time accurately without the need to share a time clock. This tool also lets the employees working from home accurately enter their time. It is called On-Time Web Mobile.

On-Time Web Mobile is a free app that can be installed on your employees’ cell phones. There are two versions, one for Android-based phones and two, Apple iOS. It is basically a time clock in your pocket. Employees simply open the app and make their time punch. It uses minimal data to send the time entries up to your On-Time Web.

More than Just a Time Clock

Employees can also access other parts of the On-Time Web. The in/out board and even submit leave requests. You can also communicate with your employees through your On-Time Web admin panel.  Send emails or messages through the On-Time Web Message center.

Know Where They Punch

You can also see where your employees are making their time entries so you can be assured that they are where they are supposed to be. You can also create a Geo-Fence around your business or their home, so punches can only be made inside the fence.

Its time to look at On-Time Web Mobile and COVID-19

Maybe it is time to take a look at On-Time Web Mobile and see if there are ways to keep your employees safe without losing the benefits of your time and attendance system. Download your app for your phone today. Click here for Android or here for iOS. If you would like to find out more just click here and we will help you utilize On-Time Web to it’s fullest.

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