New On-Time Web Features

There are new features and improvements now available in On-Time Web™ v2.1.17, the iOS and Android personal mobile apps and the tablet time clock app.
Employee Geofences
You can now draw and create radial geofences around buildings, job sites or other locations directly in On-Time Web. Set rules such as being notified when an employee enters or exits the fence and restrict punches to only inside of a geofence. There is also a Geofence History report that shows all past triggered events by employees. For more information about Geofencing please refer to the online help.
Date & Time Sorting
There are new sorting options in Settings & Defaults that changes how the time approval grid is sorted. Companies can now choose to show the newest or oldest time records by date and by time first.
Timesheet Extras
There are a couple of extra details that are now gathered on employee punches and can be seen when viewing more details on the individual time records:
  • Device Information

    Information about the device used to make a time entry is now recorded on each punch. This helps the supervisor and admin know if the employee is using a web browser, mobile device or time clock. It can also help deter “buddy punching” if the employee typically uses their own device, but now the unique device ID is different.

  • IP Address

    The IP address for every in and out time entry can now be seen on the more details popup.

In/Out Board Logout Notification
If using the In/Out Board in its popout window and you are logged out you will now be notified and will need to login again to see employee updates.
Time Approval Quick Floating Menu
If on the time approval screen you will notice a new icon on the right side of the grid that moves as you scroll. This is a quick menu that allows you to run tasks on the employee time entries.
Android & iOS Mobile Apps
There are updates to the mobile apps that now include more dashboard options. Users can now request leave time and view calendar events directly from their mobile devices. There are also general improvements and bug fixes to both the Android and iOS apps.
Mobile Time Clock App
There are general improvements that have been done to make the mobile time clock app better. There is also now a sync button on the app that forces a sync with the On-Time Web servers. Previously the tablet would need to be restarted if the connection was broken to the servers.
Note: Current Mobile Time Clock users will need to go through the initial setup on the app again after installing the update.
If you have any questions about these features or feedback you may reply to this email or give us a call at 502-223-1136.
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Email: [email protected]

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