Employee In and Out Board

See who’s in and out at a glance

Do you still use an old fashioned In/Out board in your office, often cluttered with magnets and dry erase marks that never seem to clean completely off?  Is it accurate?  Is it maintained? Do you have to go look at the board or call the “keeper of the board” to know who’s in, who isn’t and where they are?

On-Time Web has a solution that will help you manage the comings and goings of your employees. In On-Time Web’s In/Out Board, An employee’s status is updated when they punch in and punch out. They can also make notes in their status and change their status of in the office or out of the office.  This helps keep things more accurate and up to date.  You can also set the In/Out Board on your desktop and keep it up to watch it throughout the day by clicking the “Pop-Out Window” button in the top right corner of the widget.  This will allow you to close On-Time Web and still see the In/Out Board on your desktop.

Clean up the clutter, clean up the mess, and maintain an accurate In/Out Board with On-Time Web.

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