How do you track the time and attendance of your employees? Do you have a register in the front office or with HR that gets manually updated every day? Do you have a system of allowing your workforce to check in at their workstations, using their mobile phones or time clocks? You may have one or more systems in place. Many companies have bio-metric systems installed at their offices that record time and attendance. You may have analog or digital timesheets, time clock and record-keeping systems. Beyond all these, you need a few features or systems that only a time and attendance software can offer you.

Here are some features of the best time and attendance systems that yours may not have:

  • The best time and attendance systems will allow your employees to check in at work but they don’t necessarily have to be onsite. A company can have employees on the road, at remote or mobile locations and many may work offsite within the city. Such employees cannot use bio-metric scanners in the office or the register in the front office. These employees can use the time and attendance software to check in. The same timesheets will be available for all. The same digital time clock will be available to all. One doesn’t have to depend on the computer time or mobile phone’s time. Time is centralized and thus uniform.
  • The best time and attendance system doesn’t just allow you to know who has reported for duty and who hasn’t. It also allows you to know who is in the office right now, who is out, how many hours every employee has been in the office and on the workstation, how long their breaks have been, if they are out on work or for personal reasons, if someone is doing overtime or is leaving early, if someone has run in late, or if someone has been available but without doing any work. Time and attendance systems are not for the simple purpose of clocking in someone’s presence, but also to assess productivity.
  • The best time and attendance systems allow the workforce to coordinate with their supervisors, request leaves or breaks, create work schedules, or synchronize training and support, and such systems can work in tandem with payroll and accounting software.

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