Collecting time from a mobile staff can be challenging.  The secret is to make it as easy as possible for them to enter their time while remaining as accurate as possible.  Wouldn’t it be nice if it were as easy as punching a time clock?

There are solutions on the market that are designed to help with this.  The evolution of personal phone apps has brought about a big change in this area.  The problem often is still getting the information from the personal app into your payroll software.

The simplicity of a time clock with the convenience of a cell phone

The makers of On-Time Web have utilized the advancements in personal phone apps while taking it a step further.  Tying the personal phone app directly to the On-Time Web service allows for the time entries to flow directly to On-Time Web. Even if you don’t have reception, the time records are recorded in the phone and as soon as you come back into range the data is then uploaded automatically.  It is like having your own personal timeclock in your pocket or purse.

Knowing your staff is where they are supposed to be

The On-Time Mobile app helps assure you that your mobile staff is where they need to be with geotracking and soon to be released geofencing.  Geotracking records the location exactly where your employees make their time entry so you not only record the time but also the location.  Geofencing takes this process one step further by allowing you to draw a boundary around a certain location and then notify you when the employee has entered or exited the “fenced” area. You can also not allow punches unless they are within the fence.

Options to do even more

On-Time Mobile has other options as well.

  • Supervisor Punch – If you have a supervisor and crew on a worksite the supervisor can make the time entries for his whole crew. That way only one person needs the app.
  • View the In/Out Board – View the In/Out Board that is in On-Time Web
  • In/Out Status Updates – Update the In/Out Board in On-Time Web
  • View/Request Available Leave Time – View current leave time balances as well as submit leave requests without the need to log in and submit one
  • View the On-Time Web Company Calendar

Take Action

If you have mobile employees you need On-Time Web and the On-Time Mobile App.  It is easy to setup and easy to use.

Sign-up for a free 14-day trial and solve the problem of collecting time from your mobile workforce.

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