Why tether yourself to a specific computer for managing employee timesheets? Why purchase software for every single computer or user that needs to access the timesheets? What if there was a cost effective solution that didn’t require software or the hassle of making certain you always have the latest version? That is exactly what our On-Time Web cloud based software does.

What Does Cloud Actually Mean

You’ve probably heard quite a bit about the cloud or cloud services, but you may not think these are the right solutions for you. The main myth surround cloud software or Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are you have to give up control and security just to save money. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

A respectable provider gives you control to customize software and settings just like you would any other software application. The only difference is the software is stored on the provider’s server instead of your own. As far as security goes, every provider has their own security solutions which are often more secure than your own in house security.

Using SaaS cloud solutions means the service provider, in this case On-Time Web, hosts the software. You then have access from any computer via a web portal. You never have to worry about a computer crashing or data being lost again. Since we back up our secure servers daily, your data is always safe even if all your computers crash or are infected with viruses.

Benefits of Upgrading

Upgrading to cloud based web timesheets and web time clocks reduces the cost of software and hardware. We handle all software upgrades and backups. We take care of server and other hardware upgrades. Implementation is as easy as customizing the web portal to your business and learning how to use the software. All you pay is a low monthly fee.

Cloud based timesheets and time clocks are accessible from more than just computers. Use mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as well. This means you have access to the system even when you’re out of the office.

The scalable solutions are able to grow with you. Anytime you need to upgrade due to growth, contact us and we handle everything. No waiting, no buying new software, no hassle. It’s simple. Upgrading means you save money, time and stress. Why make managing payroll difficult when web based timesheets are so much simpler?

Sign up for a no-hassle 14 day free trial and see how cloud timesheets can benefit your company.

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