Cloud Based Time Tracking Solution

Wouldn’t it be great if choosing a cloud based time tracking solution was simple? It can be.  As long as you know what to look for, it’s easy to weed out the bad and find the right software for your business. When you’ve found time sheet software that meets all of the criteria below, you’ve found a winner. Luckily, few meet all of these, so it makes it even easier to choose.

Fully Functional Demo

Why should you take someone’s word for how amazing their cloud based time and attendance software is? If a company wants you to trust them, they should offer you a fully functional demo. Many companies only offer you a partial demo or nothing at all. A few companies offer full demos. The best offer long demos, such as On-Time Web’s 30 day free demo.

Customizable Features

One size fits all doesn’t apply to time tracking. Instead, look for a solution that offers customizable options to fit your business. Maybe you want employees to manually enter time or need them to punch in at a clock. Maybe you need an interface that shows your company logo. What about making sure your company structure is represented? Customizable features are important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Available Anywhere

Believe it or not, many so called cloud based options aren’t as cloud friendly as they claim. Part of the appeal of the cloud is anywhere availability. Users should be able to access your own personal web interface from any computer. If you’re limited to specific computers or even a single computer, the software isn’t truly cloud based.

Easy Installation

Businesses hate changing software since it can be a pain to install and ensure everything’s compatible. Cloud solutions should be easy to install. In fact, there should be very little to install. For instance, On-Time Web’s software is ready to go within a day with most of that being installing physical time clocks.

Support After Purchase

While many providers do offer initial training and support, this often disappears within a few months. The best cloud based time sheet software providers offer continual support and training. No software is immune to glitches. Shouldn’t you use a company that continues to support you when these glitches happen?

Mobile Support

Even though you can technically access many providers’ systems via mobile devices, the screen is tiny, cramped and difficult to use. If mobile is a major part of your company, you need mobile time sheet support. On-Time Web actually had dedicated mobile apps that ensure the software truly is available anywhere on any platform.

A Simple Choice To Make

Try finding numerous companies meeting all of this criteria. You’ll be lucky to find two or three. One name that will appear is On-Time Web. We go above and beyond all these and with our 2.0 version, the best just got even better. Our trial and affordable options make choosing us a simple choice indeed.

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