Traverse Accounting Software Payroll Integration

Traverse Accounting Timesheet Software

Add Traverse Accounting Timesheet Software functionality with On-Time Web.  On-Time Web is a full featured time and attendance software that allows you to collect employee time via web timesheets, smartphones, tablets and the OT1000 web time clock. Use the system to manage employees and retrieve time data.  Once the employees’ time is reviewed and approved you simply export the data.  Use the Import Mapped Data feature in the Traverse Accounting Software to define and import the time transactions.  Simply browse and select the file exported from the On-Time Web software and the time ticket records are imported into Traverse as if they were manually keyed.

By using On-Time Web as an integrated  Traverse Accounting Timesheet Software solution you can collect data for the Traverse Accounting Software project costing module.  If you are using the web timesheet forms, mobile apps or the OT1000 you can enable the project, phase and tasks features as needed to collect project time.  If you are using the On-Time Web Mobile App in supervisor mode you can make a single timesheet entry and the system will automatically create timesheet entries for all employees for the supervisor group.  This is a time-saving feature that allows supervisors to log time for groups of employees instead of having to create entries for each employee individually.  If you are an individual that needs to report time for a specific project the system setup can be customized to allow only certain projects, phase and tasks by employees or groups of employees.  The supervisor or payroll administrator reviews and approves the time records.  The data is then exported from On-Time Web for import into the Traverse Project Costing module.  The Project Cost / Job Cost module is updated as normal when the daily work posting occurs.

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