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Use a mobile time sheet app to make time sheet punches!

Mobile Time Sheet App

On-Time Web Mobile Time Sheet

On-Time Web Mobile empowers your staff, eliminates duplicate work and improves efficiency by allowing your staff to use a mobile time sheet app to record time sheet punches.  On-Time Web Mobile™ brings the ease of use and power of the On-Time Web™ platform to your Android mobile device.

Once signed into your user account, making a punch is as simple as opening the app and pressing a button! You can even make punches without an active internet connection and they will automatically be synced with On-Time Web when one is available.

The standard version operate in two modes:

    • Individual Mode – Create punches and browse recent punch history, all from your mobile phone while on the road or on the job site. You’re always logged in so making the punch is fast and easy.
On-Time Web Mobile Time Sheet App

Use On-Time Web Mobile to track punch locations

  • Supervisor Mode – On the job site and need to punch yourself and your 20 workers out for lunch? With On-Time Web Mobile’s™ Supervisor Mode it’s a few simple buttons and you’re done and ready to go!

Benefits of a mobile time sheet app.

Being mobile allows staff to collect information in real time. If your staff is an IT company the technicians can capture time for projects while on-site eliminating the need for them to wait until returning to the office to complete timesheets. You can also use the geo location tracking to follow employ punch locations. As another example your business may have crews on-site with a supervisor that is responsible for reporting the time of the crew. With the app in supervisor mode, the supervisor selects the crew and punches them in as a single punch. The app records each employee as punched. The supervisor can review and adjust punches individually as needed.

The use of  On-Time Web Mobile may be set individually by employees in the On-Time Web system allowing management to control which employee or supervisor is granted access to mobile time sheet use.

On-Time Web Mobile is a power tool for both the employee and management of a business.

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