OT1000 Web Time Clock

There are a variety of different web time clocks that are available, but the OT1000 Clock combines the latest technology with cutting edge innovation. This web time clock makes it possible to transmit web timesheet information to On-Time Web servers. The best part is that installation is simple and easy, which can’t be said about inferior alternatives. In order to use the OT1000 Web Time Clock, all you have to do is connect the power and network cable. This will result in the time clock automatically linking up with the server to make communication with the system possible. This is a cloud time clock that is unlike any other option.

How Does it Work?

This mobile time clock is easy to use. Employees will simply clock in using RFID badges and all data that is received will automatically transmit to the server. All of the data that is received over the server is then transformed into web timesheet entries. This is all done within the On-Time Web timesheet system. As you can see, tracking time and attendance is made easy using this web time clock.

Remote Web Timesheet Device

One of the major benefits of the OT1000 Web Time Clock is that it can also be used as a remote web timesheet device. This means that if you need to keep track of time and attendance data at a construction site and no internet connection is available, you can just use a USB pen drive. This will enable you to get all the data from the device. All you have to do is plug the USB port into the web time clock and all of the data is transferred automatically.

Here are a few great features of the OT1000 Web Time Clock:

All of the data can be collected and managed through the cloud. There are only a few types of web time clocks that offer the same capabilities and features as the OT1000.

Since all system updates are automatically uploaded, you do not have to worry about hassles or server issues. All new updates are automatically uploaded to the device for your convenience. The best part is that the OT1000 is continuously monitored from your On-Time Web site to make sure that it is online and working properly at all times to minimize any errors with your web time clock.

Custom data collection scripts can be designed for you and implemented while the OT1000 is up and running, so there’s no down time for changes designed for your specific business needs.

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