4 Keys to Time and Attendance

There are a number of different reasons why companies need to have a time and attendance system in place. Not only does it help to reduce the risk of human error, but efficiency is also integral. When timesheets are being manually filled out is takes needless time and also leaves room for error. This can lead to issues with payroll, as employees can be given paychecks that are not accurate. They will always tell you if they realize they were paid too little, but not necessarily if they were paid too much.  Time & attendance systems have their place in every business no matter the size. Choosing the right type of time and attendance software is the key.

Here are the biggest things to remember when choosing a time and attendance system:

Analyze Your Time and Attendance Needs

The different types of systems are designed to meet different needs of companies. You need to understand what you require most from time & attendance software. This usually involves a time clock device, either biometric or with a card reader, although some systems can be used with any web-enabled devices, making them great for mobile employees. You also need software that is designed to manage the data easily and support that makes updates and helpdesk features accessible. Every company is different, but these are the basic needs that most companies have when looking for a time and attendance system.

Do Your Research

Once you know exactly what you need out of a time and attendance system, you have to begin your research. With so many different options to choose from, you need to learn about the best ones available. This might involve reading reviews or looking to see how some time and attendance systems stack up against one another. Along with cost, you can’t forget about the research aspect of the selection process when you are looking for a system that will offer accuracy, efficiency and other important benefits.

See a Demo

If you want to be fully convinced before you choose a time and attendance system, it can be very beneficial to ask for a demo. This will give you a good idea of exactly how the system works and what you can expect when it is implemented for your company. A demo should help give you all the information you need to make the best decision. You will know exactly what you are dealing with after seeing a demo.

Have Clear Expectations

There is no way for any time and attendance system to deliver on all your needs if you do not have clear expectations. You need to know what the problems are and what you want before you can find a system that helps resolve them.

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