Payroll Time & Attendance Integration

Keeping track of time and attendance can be difficult for all businesses, especially those with a high number of employees. The easiest solution to all of your needs is to implement an automated time and attendance system, that can keep track of all detailed records in regard to employee attendance and work hours. Time and attendance integration can even take efficiency a step further when linking with the current payroll program in place. Timesheet and payroll software can be integrated with your time system to allow for the most accuracy and efficiency. You can save both time and money by making time and attendance integration a priority.

Does It Integrate?

One of the key factors to take into consideration when you are looking for a time and attendance system is integration. You need a system that is designed to integrate with timesheet and payroll software. This means that both systems could function in tandem to keep track of time and attendance records as well as payroll. The number of errors will be reduced immensely and efficiency will also be improved considerably. If you do not have a system that can integrate, it might be necessary to have it re-keyed. In most instances, re-keying your time and attendance system will allow you to have integration with your payroll program, but re-keying also increases the chance of errors.

What Kind of Communication May Be Needed Between Applications? 

There is a lot of vital information that needs to be shared between payroll and HR departments for any business. However, the right time and attendance system with integration to payroll software can cut down on errors and allow both departments to run more efficiently. The duplication of data will be eliminated and all processes can be streamlined as a result. Real-time reports will be accessible to both payroll and HR in charge of time and attendance. This means getting instant access to information is easy when both systems are integrated together.

How Hard Is It To Integrate?

Now that you understand the need for integration between your time and attendance system and your payroll program, you might wonder how difficult integration is to achieve. If you choose the correct time and attendance system, integration is actually simplified and is easy to maintain. The key is to choose a time and attendance system designed specifically for payroll integration.

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