Web Timesheets in the Construction Industry

Accurate and timely reporting on any construction site can be difficult or next to impossible to achieve.  Not only do employees on construction sites change jobs often, but this information is rarely reported accurately if it is even reported at all.  It is important to be informed and keep track of when employees change tasks because not all tasks have the same pay rate.  However, this difficult issue can be resolved with the use of On-Time Web. This unique system is a solution for the pay rate change problems that exist on a construction site, so construction industry timesheet issues can be resolved once and for all.

Here are the biggest reasons why web timesheets or mobile timesheets can be the perfect solution:

Simplifies the Construction Time Tracking Process

Most construction sites are chaotic and employees are often moving from one task to another. Keeping track of time sheets or having all employees clock in at one time can be a major pain.  On-Time Web is designed to correct all these issues and simplify the entire process.  Tracking time and attendance is easy with the use of this mobile system.  Construction web timesheets come with customizable software that is the best solution.  It is so easy to use that you won’t know how you managed time and attendance without web timesheets.

Employees Can Punch In and Out With Ease

Getting employees to punch in and out at a construction site has never been easy in the past.  This can be changed forever with the use of web timesheets.  Now employees have no excuse to not clock in or out.  Both punch style and free-form timesheet entry are supported by this system.  Knowing exactly when employees arrive on the site and when they leave can be simplified.

Real-time Reporting

One of the best features of construction web timesheets is the ability to get access to real-time reporting.  All of the data that is gathered is updated automatically.  This means that you can see real-time data and can sort through it based on employee or project, further simplifying the time and attendance tracking process on any construction site.

In the past, tracking time in the construction industry was a major hassle, but construction web timesheets are changing this for the better.

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