Time Tracking For Staffing Companies

Staffing companies provide an amazing service for those currently out of a job.  As well as providing a source of potential experience and job skill training, staffing companies can match people with positions that may eventually become permanent.  While they provide an amazing service, they can sometimes struggle under the incredible amount of information they have to process.  From individual resumes and skill matching to hours worked at different jobs and locations, staffing companies can struggle.  This is why adopting a web-based time tracking system has never been more important.  Let’s take a moment to discuss how web-based time tracking can help your business.

You Can Have A Single Database For All Employment Hours

One of the best reasons for a staffing company to use web-based time tracking for people hired through them is that all information can be organized into a single database.  This is an incredibly powerful tool that will allow your company to quickly answer any questions employees or employers have regarding working hours.  In addition, you can draw larger trends from the data such as average working hours at different locations.  The end result is that you can better model how many hours people work on average at particular places.  Having all of this information in one place makes reporting on your staffing company’s performance significantly easier.

Allows Other Companies To Easily Access Your User Information

By using web-based time tracking, you have a single source for every hour your employee worked.  This information can be checked with the company where your employee is placed to see if he/she is there for the amount of time reported.  In addition, this cross comparison means that companies you are working with have an easy-to-access record of hours worked for their own purposes.  With easily transferable information, you can dramatically reduce the amount of time your staffing company spends tracking people.

You Can Reduce Your Overhead

Being that the purpose of a staffing company is to manage employees in a variety of positions, keeping all time tracking online can save a considerable number of man hours spent collecting time cards, verifying the information provided, and then recording that information.  This can be a massive time saver for current employees, allowing them to focus on more important things.  In addition, a web-based time tracking system may mean that you need to hire fewer employees, resulting in some amazing savings for your company.

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