Automated Time System To Bring Your Company Into Compliance With New Government Requirements

There are certain rules and regulations that define how you need to record employee hours. This is especially true if you have people working for government contracts, as the DCAA, or Defense Contract Audit Agency, will penalize you with loss of the contract or worse if you do not comply. As technology continues to improve and the requirements for compliance continue to become more refined, companies are having a hard time meeting these requirements with simple punch card technology. As a result, more and more companies are turning to automated time systems to meet the requirements of 21st century employment. Let’s look at the ways that an automated time system can help bring you into compliance with new government requirements.

The Benefits of Automated Time Systems For Your business

Running a smooth business requires minimizing compliance risk. Compliance risk is when the practices of your business do not cover everything government requirements mandate that you do. Traditionally, all hours for employees and laborers were recorded with punch cards. These punch cards included the time the employee entered and left their job every day that they worked. In the past few decades, the requirements mandated by the government have continued to increase. This means that for companies running traditional punch card systems, there is a greater risk of missing something and not being compliant as a result.

Automated time systems negate this problem. Designed by a third party that provides their services to a range of companies, automated time system companies work every day to ensure their software is fully in compliance. This means that you will not only have the options you need to meet all obligations placed on you, but you can also rely on the software provider to answer any questions you may have regarding the process. More often than not, the software provider will include a guide on how to use their software, as well as what is important legally for you to follow.

Where Does That Leave Us?

While automated time systems are far from perfect, they do dramatically decrease the risk that your company will be found not in compliance with government requirements. When your company is centered around business provided by the government, then possible failure can mean dire results. Instead of risking this, strongly consider getting automated time systems for your company.

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