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If you have time cards that are filled out manually, it only leads to inaccuracies caused by human error. This might not seem like a major issue until you realize that time and attendance errors can lead to payroll errors that can cost companies big money. Not only can time and attendance software improve accuracy, but there are also other issues that can be addressed. If you are dealing with problems related to productivity, discipline, payroll or scheduling, it might be time to learn how a time and attendance system can resolve these issues.


Having all processes streamlined in relation to time and attendance as well as payroll only allows for more productivity in the workplace. All day-to-day operations can be more efficient, and this only helps to free up more employee time. Employees no longer have to spend their time filling out time cards, tracking the missing ones down, figuring hours and pay rates, or keying data in.


Time and attendance systems are specifically designed to be incredibly accurate. They can also integrate with payroll software to streamline all processes. This substantially reduces payroll errors and makes sure that all employee checks are accurate. Employees will be paid correctly for the amount of hours that they worked. This saves time and allows for payroll to be a much smother process.

Employee Satisfaction

You might not realize it, but time and attendance systems can also have a positive impact on morale in the workplace. Employees will know that their pay will be accurate and will not have to worry about errors due to time cards. All preparation with manual time sheets will also be removed. This even allows for employee and employer relations to be improved.


You will know that employees work their specific schedule due to the increase in security with a time and attendance system. This makes scheduling simpler than ever before and cuts back on employees being able to breach the security of your time and attendance system. With a few mouse clicks you will be able to see who has punched in on which jobs, allowing you to know quickly if you need to move employees around so that all jobs are adequately covered.

Having time and attendance software allows you to address key issues that can be harming your bottom line. The fact is that productivity, accuracy, payroll, employee satisfaction and scheduling issues can all be addressed with the right time and attendance system.

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