One of the biggest hang-ups for HR is trying to manage payroll when their time tracking software is difficult to use. This results in hours of extra work and sometimes even delays or mistakes in pay. Not only is HR frustrated, but so are employees. The solution is to streamline payroll by choosing time tracking in the cloud.

Common Myths

Many businesses are still missing out on cloud based time and attendance tracking due to crazy myths. One of the biggest is “the cloud isn’t secure.” While nothing is 100% secure, the best cloud solutions are often more secure than your own in-house security. Companies utilize multiple layers of security to keep data safe.

Another myth is “you lose control of your information.” If you choose the right software, you retain all rights to your data. The cloud basically serves as an access point and storage device. You’re the owner and can remove or change data at any point.

The final most common cloud myth is “it’s complicated to install.” The cloud requires little to no installation on your end. The time tracking software is installed remotely and you access the web-based interface from any computer at any time. It couldn’t be easier to install or learn.

Streamline The Process

Since cloud based solutions are so much easier to incorporate, learn and use, there are far fewer time tracking issues. Employees are able to quickly punch in/out or manually add their time. Supervisors can be instantly notified if punches aren’t received, so they can have the employee correct the issue before it’s time to do payroll.

When the vast majority of attendance issues are solved before HR gets involved, they’re able to save time and process payroll quicker. Imagine what else could be accomplished if it wasn’t a circus every week just to ensure that all employees’ time is correct.

The Solution Is Simple

On-Time Web is the simple solution to a major problem. Our system comes complete with all the features you’d expect, plus a slew of ones you might not. Our web interface is customized specifically for your business. Plus, we have on-going training and support to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

We may be in the cloud, but we cater to you. We seek to create lasting partnerships that’ll streamline your payroll for years to come. Try us out with a free trial and you’ll wonder why you ever believed those silly cloud myths.

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