A common complaint when implementing a new time clock system is the extensive training needed. When you bring in a new system, you have to work with every employee to ensure they use the system properly. Until they start using correctly, the system is basically useless. To be honest, many time clock systems are overly complicated. The potential for human error is so high that most data is usually incorrect. Why implement an expensive, complicated system if your employees will never learn how to use it?

Keep It Simple And Get Results

If you make it simple, everyone wins. Our web timesheet and web time clock solutions are not only easy to setup, but insanely easy for employees to use. Even managers and supervisors will find the system easy to use. We believe in a basic punch in/punch out system where employees can easily log their time and get to work. No more spending precious time staring at a time clock trying to figure out how it works or what the latest error message means. Employees are happy and collected data is correct.

Easy On Supervisors 

Sometimes editing punches is nearly impossible. Once it’s in the system, that’s it. At On-Time Web, we’ve had enough of systems that give you zero control. Perhaps an employee forgot to punch in or maybe the employee didn’t have Internet access to punch in when out of the office. No problem. Supervisors can easily edit the system to change or add times accordingly.

Catch Errors Quickly 

Since employees and supervisors can check their times at any point, it’s easy to catch errors quickly. Maybe a supervisor was asked to correct a missed punch or overtime wasn’t entered. Once again, not a problem. The error is caught almost immediately and fixed before it becomes a major issue. The entire system allows for better communication so employees can take more control over their hours and see exactly what their supervisors are seeing.

Enter Time, Not Hours

One of the most complicated parts of learning how to use a timesheet solution, especially web based timesheet software, is entering time worked. Instead of entering the number of hours, employees enter the actual time. The hours are calculated automatically. The employee never has to estimate, making the process straightforward. With automatic calculations, the possibility for human error is reduced. Overtime, double time and other special payment conditions are calculated in the background so employees never have to worry about entering something wrong.

We believe in easy and powerful over complex and ineffective. We give you the tools you’ve always wanted to manage time tracking online in a format that’s easy on everyone.


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