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Don’t Overlook the Importance of Timely Timesheet Reporting

You probably already have a time clock in place. However, what does it do for you? Of course, it gathers punches, but what else? Can it create reports quickly when a supervisor wants details on specific shifts or employees? Does it make it simple to create custom reports in minutes? Of course not. It serves its basic purpose and that’s all. At On-Time Web, we believe time clocks have the potential to do so much more.

On-Time Web Timecard Report Detailed Reports In Minutes

When someone requests a report concerning an employee’s attendance, they want it immediately. Typically, you wouldn’t be able to provide this information without extensive research, formatting and prep work. The report could take as much as a day to prepare. With On-Time Web’s reporting feature, reports are ready in a few minutes or less. The only real time involved is choosing the type of report you want. Think about how great it would be to be able to deliver that urgent report immediately.

Go Beyond Basic Reports

Many timesheet programs offer you the ability to print a few basic reports and that’s all you get. We know you need more. With multiple filters, your report options are almost unlimited. We also know you don’t have time to create complex search queries using complicated code. We give you straightforward reporting tools that don’t require forever to learn how to use. Simply point, click and create your report.

Every filter varies based on the type of report you use. Some categories don’t have filters, but most do. The object is to let you use filters to gather just the data you need. If readers don’t have to sort through a bunch of unrelated information, the report becomes much more effective. Plus, it makes your report creation abilities seem much more advanced.

Why Bother With Reports

You may wonder why you need reporting for time clocks at all. A few common reasons a supervisor or even an employee might request a report are to:

  • Check for incorrect punch data
  • Check for patterns of lateness or absenteeism
  • Provide rewards for attendance
  • Check for overtime
  • Provide proof for reprimands
  • Determine which departments or employee levels best meet weekly hours/attendance

There is always a new reason for regular, timely reporting. With On-Time Web, the tools are already built into the system. No need for extra software. Plus, the cloud based time sheet solution lets you create your report wherever you have an internet connection, making it easy to create reports even if you’re not at your desk.

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