Biometric Technology

Can you benefit from something like a biometric time clock? More to the point, do you really need biometric technology? The use of fingerprint technology can have a variety of applications. The time clock concept is one of the more interesting possibilities.

However, some people are on the fence about it. Some believe that biometric time clocks are the wave of the future, with a whole host of benefits. Others believe that this technology is unnecessary, perhaps even problematic.

In order to make this determination for yourself, you are going to want to learn more about the pros and cons of a biometric time clock.

Biometric Time Clock Pros And Cons


PRO: It is a remarkably straightforward way to keep track of productivity. Employees will no longer have to remember pass codes or anything else with a biometric time clock. All they have to do is swipe a finger.

PRO: It’s easier to keep track of productivity. With biometric time clocks, you will have an accurate record of when employees clocked in and when they clocked back out.

PRO: It can lower your insurance premiums. With a security measure like a biometric time clock in place, you may be able to negotiate liability insurance rates that are considerably more appealing to you.

PRO: Employees cannot alter the clock.  Employers cannot alter the clock.  The clock’s entries cannot be altered.


PRO: It can speed things up. Rather than a long line of people waiting to punch in pass codes, a biometric system can move things along at a brisk pace.


CON: Some individuals, and even some industries, do not scan well. No matter what you do, occasionally you will have an individual whose finger just won’t read well. In addition, certain jobs or work environments lend themselves to poor read rates.

CON: Some people think it is too extreme. This time clock utilizes fingerprints for an employee to punch in and out. It represents a fairly comprehensive measure that some individuals consider unnecessary. It can also generate concerns over identity theft.

CON: Employers can no longer utilize the time clock as a punishment method. For some employers, the ability to punish an employee by clocking them out early is a useful method for handling disciplinary actions. Biometric time clocks cannot be altered in any form or fashion.

CON: Some employees may feel it eliminates trust between themselves and their employers. With the time clock left up to a biometric system, some employees may feel an implication that their employers do not trust them.


As you can see, there are some pretty significant benefits with biometric time clock systems. Just be sure you do your homework and ask the right questions to see if they are what your company needs.

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