Beneficial Scenarios Using Web Timesheets

People have been using punch cards to record hours for decades.  Recently however, companies have been switching to an online web timesheet system.  Lets take a moment to review some of the scenarios where web timesheets are beneficial for your company.

When Your Workforce Is On The Move

When your workforce is on the move, it can be very challenging to log hours.  Companies that specialize in providing services to individuals at their homes, like on call nurses, housing repair companies, plumbers, and many other groups often have a hard time logging hours from a centralized location.  This is where web & mobile time collection systems can be beneficial.  Guarantee that every person that is working for you has a way to go online when on the road.  With that, you can use an online system and rely on self-report for when people start.  As you can normally not log your hours after the fact, people are motivated to log their time as early as possible when on the job.  These times can then be verified by looking at logs associated with the company business.  The end result of all of this is that your workforce can be on the move while also accurately recording their time for you.

Special Projects

Employees can sometimes find themselves on special projects that are uncommon during the course of their employment.  These special projects may see them attending a conference out of state or otherwise be occupied outside of the office.  When this is the case, a mobile time collection system can be just what your company needs to log their hours.  Used as the system for when people are on special projects, mobile time collection systems can be specially designed to record only those who are currently away.

Back Up To Physical Systems

Depending on the nature of your workforce, a mobile time collection system can make the best back up to your pre-existing physical system.  By setting up this system ahead of time, you can make sure that incase of an emergency, you have a way to record people’s hours.  With minimal training, your workers can be instructed on how to record their time if the primary system goes out.  In addition, if a particular employee is having a problem with the current system, they could use the backup system.

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