Timesheet Technology

If you are considering the switch from traditional punch cards to newer software timesheets, then you will want to know what technology is used and how the process takes place.  To answer these questions, let’s look at the hardware and software behind mobile timesheet entry and processing.

The Hardware Used To Access Timesheet Software

With timesheet technology, there are a number of different devices that you can use to record your hours.  Online timesheet software is specifically designed to be as cross-platform as possible.  For example, you can use almost any browser on a PC to access and record your time on timesheet software.  In addition, for some you can download an app for your smartphone that can record your time for you when you are on the go.  As a result, almost any technology that provides you access to the Internet is hardware that will allow mobile timesheet entry and processing.

The Software Used To Record And Process Information

There are more than half a dozen recognized online timesheet software companies available, and each works to provide a simple means for you to record your timesheet information.  Every employee enrolled in the system must enter their username and password before they are allowed to continue.  Once signed in, they have access to their work history and also have the ability to enter a time for when they are starting or stopping work.  Depending on the software, information may be applied retroactively as well, in case the worker did not have enough time earlier to record their hours.

With timesheet information being added by employees, organizing and processing this data is incredibly simple.  The software is normally designed in such a way as to be an easily navigable database.  This means that the person responsible for assimilating everyone’s hours can search through all the information provided to find anything they need, including when certain people worked, how many people worked during a specific time, or the total amount of hours recorded for any given period of time.  With this information available on the back end, reports to the company can easily be generated regarding employment and hours recorded.

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