Timelier Reporting

There are a number of ways that you can maximize your business.  One way that labor heavy companies are doing it is with automated timesheet systems.  Whether running online or through the company network, they can provide timely reporting on both the employees’ hours and on trends relating to employee behavior—powerful tools for any company.

People Can Report From Anywhere

One of the greatest things about automated timesheet systems is that people can report that they have started or stopped work from anywhere.  Employees can report from their desk that they are about to begin work instead of having to walk down to a physical location and back.  With some systems, the supervisor can make punches for an entire crew at once, allowing them to go directly to work.  Sales people or employees in the field can make punches using their smartphones or tablets so that they don’t have to wait until later to record their time.

Information Gathered Can Be Quickly Organized

The information gathered through an automated timesheet system is always ready for you.  Since many of these systems are online, your data won’t have to be manually entered into a computer after being collected, organized, and physically archived—it’s already there.

In addition, they have predictive validity regarding how much time people will be working in the future.  The data in your automated timesheet system can be used to easily look ahead to see if more or fewer people will need to work.  Because this is based on a theoretical average for how many people will be working, the final results are subject to interpretation.  That being said, it can be a great tool for a company planning ahead.  Ultimately, whether or not you begin using an automated timesheet system will depend as much on the needs of your business as it does on your labor force.

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