On-Time Web is more than just a provider of feature-rich, cloud-hosted timesheet software. We also offer the chance for others to earn by becoming our Partners. From consultants and payroll processing companies to CPA firms and IT providers, everyone’s eligible to join our Partner Program.  All you need is time, dedication, and the same pride we take in our software.

What Does Being A Partner Mean?

Becoming a Partner means you’ll help sell On-Time Web’s time and attendance tracking software to others who need a quality timesheet solution. Since you’re helping us, we reward you by offering you a percentage of the suggested monthly retail fee. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

How Involved Are Partners?

Obviously, the more involved you are, the more revenue you’re likely to earn. However, Level 1 Partners are required to be much more involved in the process than Level 2 Partners. They also earn a larger commission for their hard work. This is why we offer two Partner levels to better meet the needs of our Partners.

What Is A Level 1 Partner?

If you want the highest residual revenue possible, become a Level 1 Partner. This is On-Time Web’s most popular option, as it offers a 40% commission of the suggested retail monthly fee, and you can even set your own retail price. You receive free Partner training (which you must attend within 30 days of signing up) and free support. We’ll even give your prospective clients a free 30-day trial.

This tier is best suited for those who want to add the program as a profit center to their business. You’re responsible for billing clients and supporting those clients (including training and consulting). To make it easier, you have access to our Partner Portal to manage clients and events. We provide everything you need to create a new revenue stream with very little time commitment on your part.

What Is A Level 2 Partner?

If you want to recommend On-Time Web but don’t have the time to fully support the software, become a Level 2 Partner. This tier is more relaxed and we do most of the work. All you have to do is recommend us to potential clients and submit any qualified prospects via our easy-to-use online portal. We provide free training and marketing material to help you get started.

Since there is less of a commitment, you only earn 10%. It’s still a great residual revenue stream, but you’re not required to bill or support clients. It’s also a good way to test the Partner Program before deciding if Level 1 is right for you.

How Do I Join?

 If you’re ready to create your own client base and start earning additional revenue, contact us today for more details. We’ll provide everything you need to be successful.

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