Web Time Clocks

With many different kinds of time tracking software currently available on the market, each with a selection of features, we shall look at the pros and cons of using web time clock technology.

First, let’s answer the question, what is a web time clock?

Web Time Clock Software Explained

In the past you would walk into an office where a stationary time clock would be located. You would enter your id card and you would be “working.” For many years this was the normal method to record employee time and attendance.

Now many organizations use a digital or cloud-based machine to clock in. Just like the old time keeping machines, the timesheet software records start times, break times, vacations and even overtime.

Of course, using digital or cloud time tracking software has the advantage that it is fully mobile. Some companies offer advanced features that allow your employees to login from smart phones, tablets or desktops!

The Advantages of Changing To a Web-based Time Clock

An online time tracking service can help to increase work force productivity. Some advanced time sheet software technologies allow you as the employer to monitor and record staff hours worked.

However, recently these technologies have come on in leaps and bounds. Advanced features such a project cost prediction allow you to accurately predict the specific cost of both labor and overall productivity. These advanced features often have a small cost involved, but having the capability to know with high levels of accuracy the cost of any given project is hugely advantageous in the long run.

The initial setup of web time clock technologies is often very simple and installation can vary from company to company. In general, you will subscribe to a cloud-based service or pay to download your chosen time tracking software. Within minutes you will have the features you require to accurately monitor time, attendance and other features.

The Drawbacks To Online Time Clock Technologies

Mobile timesheets and time tracking software are not for everyone. If your business is not computer or internet savvy, web timesheets may not benefit you. This is often a fear felt by many, but after trying the software, most businesses quickly realize how easy the technology is to use. They rapidly see that by employing digital/mobile timesheet technology they are increasing productivity while reducing paperwork and freeing up HR resources and time.

Some organizations like having a physical time clock. They gather reassurance from the solidness of a clock on the wall, which is fine. However, it has to be noted that moving into the future, the cost of maintenance, parts and labor will continue to increase. Why not try web time clock technology today and see how your business benefits?

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