In our hectic and fast paced lives, time is becoming more and more of a valuable commodity! Mobile timesheets also called employee time tracking or time sheet software are becoming the business norm. Increasing productivity and decreasing business over heads.

In this article we shall examine if online timesheets are worth the money. We will look at both positive and negative factors, that ultimately will help you to decide if time tracking software is  worth  spending your hard earned cash on.

Are Mobile Time Sheets Worth The Cost?

OK, so what is a mobile time sheet? As the name implies it is either cloud based or software based timesheet. Your  single employee simply logins in and then the time spent doing the task is monitored and recorded. If this was the only service provided, you should expect an almost free service.

However as time has become more valuable, so has the features offered by time and attendance services. For example  you have 5 , 10 or even  10,000 employees, each member of staff needs his or her hours recorded.  If the time tracking company can offer your business scalability and offers you the option to have as many employees as required, then  yes you would expect to pay more for this specialized service.

Mobile Timesheets
Many organisations generally have HR and Pay role in the same building. By utilising mobile timesheet software these two functions can be separated yet fully integrated.  This raises the next point. Can the web time clock company integrate both your pay role whilst recording and  tracking employee working schedules. If not then the value again decreases. Conversely when you can fully integrate both functions then the value to your organisation greatly increases.

The next question you have to ask yourself,  before determining the value of the mobile time sheet service, is can they monitor attendance accurately. Sickness costs all companies money, loss of productivity and has HR implications ( return to works, sickness monitoring etc).

If your time and attendance service accurately records time worked, it should also be-able to calculate every employees attendance. Of course when services do offer this feature,  then their cost is greatly compensated by the increases to productivity and attendance your business would achieve.

So to answer our initial question are mobile timesheets worth the money, you have to spend a second determining specifically what you desire from their services. If you only wish to time track a single employee then many of the cheaper or free timesheet software should provide the value you require.

If you have a larger work force or wish additional features, such as pay integration, attendance tracking or multi-device login capabilities then expect a higher cost for this specialized time tracking service.


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