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As time becomes more and more valuable, monitoring and tracking periods of procrastination become vital.  Web timesheet software enables companies and organizations to accurately and in a proactive manner improve employee productivity.

When you either work for yourself as a freelancer or have a team of employees, it is vital that maximal productivity and optimal output are achieved. How can you ensure that your time and the time of your employees is being utilized to maximal effect? Mobile timesheets and time tracking software are the answer!

In this article we will explore some proven benefits for using time and attendance technology. But before we can understand the advantages, we need to  understand how time tracking has changed over the past few years.


The History Of Time & Attendance Technology

In the past ( 5 years) the world and technology have developed at a break neck speed. Our lives have become busier and time is now considered a commodity. Time is money! In the past time tracking software had limited features.

Most web time clocks  and mobile time sheets offered  very  few real benefits. You could login in from a single computer and record the hours and minutes, you spent on a task. This of course allowed you to accurately get paid for the work you had completed. This of course was dealt with by HR.

The software was often under developed, which meant that only a single employee could log in at a time. Great for one man bands,  but almost useless if you had more than 1 employee.


Web Timesheet Software in 2015

In 2015, more and more businesses have realized that these services have evolved dramatically. Many advanced features allow the savvy business to more accurately predict the cost of a task or project.

This advanced feature is, in my opinion, worth its weight in gold. Being empowered to know accurately the cost of labor before bidding on assignments has saved me money, time and resulted overall in a more cost effective business delivery.  Time tracking technology has allowed my organization to streamline, reducing excess labor and production costs. Could it help yours?

Additionally, now many other advanced features exist. For example, some time and attendance systems now allow you to fully integrate with your existing payroll software. Easily and instantly connect HR and wages.  No stress and full legal compliance.

There are many kinds of attendance software now available.  Don’t procrastinate, but take your time. Find the software that offers you the correct level of service and the advanced time tracking features you require.

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