Reasons to Use Web Timesheets

Tracking the punch-in and punch-out times is the absolute basic feature of a time tracking system. There are obviously other features that are of immense significance.

When you pick a time tracking system or software, you should look for the following features:

  • The time tracking software must allow you to setup overtime, auto-punch and rounding rules. There are employees who leave early and those who work late. Many do overtime while some are rather averse to the practice. You need to know which employees are leaving early and which are working overtime. More importantly, you need a way to approve or setup overtime. Auto-punch and rounding rules are also integral features of a good time tracking system.
  • A good time tracking system will allow you to set up groups for timesheet approval. Your company will obviously have more than one department or group of employees. Not every department needs to work in the same manner. From availability to the nature of the work, the demands could be very different. Thus, you cannot have all timesheets approved in the same manner. One of the quintessential time tracking system features is that you can segregate various groups and work on them accordingly. Timesheets must also factor in the job, phase or department so the records of punch ins and outs are in accordance.
  • A time tracking system should have a calendar that will be exclusively used to keep a record of who is scheduled to be unavailable or off for a particular day or period. You cannot have key positions unattended. The calendar will notify you of upcoming leaves or unavailability of key personnel and you can then come up with a backup strategy. Unless a profile is disposable or you already have people capable of doing the additional work, you will need to take this calendar very seriously.
  • Finally, one of the most important time tracking system features is the interface with payroll and accounting software. You may be attending to your own payroll and accounting, or you could be using a payroll service.  The time tracking system you have must work in tandem with such accounting software or payroll services.

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