Many companies today dive into business without a solid understanding of human resources management. Many of these companies soon rush out of business at a time when the “smart” ones are busy making waves with efficient HR management.

The “smart companies” and what they use

Do you fall into the category of those who still use manual systems to process payroll? Avoiding pitfalls in payroll is essential to your company’s existence. Overlooking the fact that manual payroll processing systems are archaic, these systems have shown incompetence due to a number of payroll difficulties that they fail to alleviate.

Here’s a look at the top 4 difficulties experienced when processing payroll:

1. Setting up Employees Correctly

Setting up your workforce correctly, with attention to staff duties and functions are very important to your payroll. As a business, you have options for how to hire employees. You can hire contractors, freelancers and even temporary workers depending on your needs.Classifying employee incorrectly can cause serious problems when it comes to paying employees’ taxes.

2. Calculating the Proper Deductions

Taking the time to calculate and process deductions from employee compensation can be challenging. This is an issue for nearly all businesses because taxes can differ among regions and employees.

3.Utilizing Direct Deposit

After taxes have been deducted from earnings, your decision about how to deposit funds is important. There are several complex rules and policies guiding each form of deposit and they all depend on your business’ tax obligations. Although using direct deposit has its own requirements, payroll automation is considered to be cost-effective and efficient. This is especially true when it comes to unraveling errors or solving payroll related difficulties.

4. Calculating Time ticket entries

The process of entering employee time tickets requires serious attention to detail. Any incorrect entry of time data through manual payroll systems could taint the overall record. Trying to locate the mistake would not only amount to a waste of time and resources but would also add unnecessary stress.

Solving Employee Attendance Issues through Payroll Automation

A smart HR manager that intends to champion all the complexities payroll processing offers, should opt for a single, cost-effective solution – payroll automation. Payroll integration is included in the spectrum services we offer here at On-time Web. Our team of experts specializes in providing clients with payroll integration and custom features for business needs.  Don’t take our word for it. Try us free for 14-days!

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