Communication is key in any business. When you have to constantly switch between programs to email data, you might forget important details. On-Time Web lets you open the lines of communication by sending email straight from the software. From reports to alerts and much more, we give you the tools you need to stay in constant contact.


Depending on the way you implement On-Time Web, employees have the ability to enter the times they work. If an employee hasn’t entered their time for the day or week, a supervisor can quickly send the employee an email as soon as they spot the problem. Quick reminders help employees correct timesheets immediately instead of days or even weeks later. Reminders can be sent as often as necessary directly from On-Time Web.

Company Wide Announcements

Administrators are able to send company wide messages. If the payment policies change, the administrator can send a message to everyone while they make the necessary changes in the web time clock system. For instance, if overtime will be changed to double time for a certain period, a single email will go out to everyone in the system instead of individual emails having to be sent. Other messages, such as overtime opportunities, holidays and closed days, are easily sent out while the data is entered in the system.

Rich Text

Sometimes you need to emphasize certain points. Otherwise, employees easily overlook important details. For instance, if the company will be closing early for repairs, use the rich text feature to bold the time the company will close. Those who only scan emails will see the time and not end up calling or emailing back to ask for the time.

Save Money with In-system Email

With the built-in email feature, you don’t need to purchase additional email software. Some systems require you to install more software to offer the same functionality. The result is additional training. With everything in one system, you only have to learn one software. You also don’t have to purchase additional software, so you save both time and money.

Instant Communication

If you wait to email employees or the company after you’ve exited the system, you run the risk of forgetting to send the message. We offer you an instant communication option so you don’t forget to send important messages. Whether it’s a reminder or an important company-wide update, send it while it’s on your mind with On-Time Web.

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