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Are you tired of time sheet software that doesn’t give you any options? So are we. Every business is different, but that doesn’t mean they can’t all use the same time tracking program. We decided to take a new approach and the latest version of On-Time Web is more customizable than ever. The last thing you should have to worry about is cumbersome interfaces that make time management a bigger hassle.

Why Customize?

If you’re used to software with several set screens and zero customization options, you might wonder why you’d need custom interfaces, reports and options. Wouldn’t be amazing to have screens that only have the boxes and buttons you need without having to train employees on what not to fill in? Imagine menus and options designed around your company’s positions and schedules.

This is why you need to customize. Whether you’re using a desktop or mobile time sheet, we let you customize exactly how your system works and even looks. Think of it as simply an extension of your business.

What Can You Customize?

We hate hearing time and attendance tracking companies say the word “customize” when all they do is add your company logo to the time sheets. We actually offer useful customizable features such as:

  • Various time entry forms such as Browser Punch and Browser Time Sheet
  • Add numerous departments, jobs, phases and tasks to choose from
  • Employee dashboard widgets
  • Network and security rules
  • Reports

Of course, these are just the features themselves. Your company will also have its own personal time tracking site which serves as a portal to access all these features and many more. We work with you to create the right site for your business.

Is Pricing Custom Too?

Sometimes, time sheet software companies don’t care how big or small your company is. They see everyone the same and seem to believe everyone has the same budget. On-Time Web doesn’t work that way. Instead, we use a custom pricing system to ensure you only pay for what you need. Only have 10 employees and need a single time clock? No problem. Need 8 time clocks for 1000 employees? We’ve still got you covered.

The only difference between the two is the price. While you’ll still get all the same features, we base the pricing on the number of employees you have, number of time clocks and badges needed and remote collection USB drives necessary. Why should pay the same price as a large enterprise if you’re only a small business?

With us, custom is a big deal. That’s why we created our cloud based software. We’ve made time tracking not only easier, but easy to customize as well.

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