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Many people often ask how does timesheet software work and what are the benefits? In this article we shall examine how mobile time sheets and employee tracking software can benefit any business.

What is Employee Tracking Software?

Put simply, it is either software or cloud-based computing that allows you to monitor and track employee working hours. Some companies offer full integration to your existing payroll, making the role of HR and administrators much easier.

In a nutshell, your employee, hired freelancer or you, as the employer, can login to the program and track hours and even minutes worked on the assignment or employee task.  In most cases the employee must login to activate the time tracking. A few companies offer multi-device login capabilities, where the employee can login via computer, mobile phone or other electronic device.

For most businesses time is a precious commodity, and ensuring that each employee is contributing for the commission or hourly wage they are paid is vital. Time and attendance are both easily monitored and recorded, affording you the knowledge that you can check and ensure your employees are doing work when they state they are.

This knowledge often allows you to empower your employees with flex-time contracts and remote working assignments.  In addition, you can hire staff who only work at home, which may allow you to reduce overhead costs. No office rates, no office equipment, all by using timesheet software.

Benefits of Using Timesheet Software

Far too many companies simply do not realize the huge benefits that using a web time clock or an employee time tracking service can offer. If you give your staff 30 minutes for a meal break, you want that member of your team back at work within that time and not stretching it by 5-10 minutes or even much longer.

Timesheet software can allow you to accurately monitor employee attendance. Poor attendance costs all businesses money. Fact: By monitoring “sickness patterns,” say the last Friday of every month or every third Tuesday, you can establish employee absentee and sickness records.

Sometimes tracking software offers additional features that can benefit your company no matter how large or small, such as the ability to predict project costs. This feature is a huge advantage, enabling you to accurately know the cost of a project before you allocate tasks.

Additionally, a few of these providers offer multiple employee tracking, making time tracking suitable for any number of employees, from the single freelancer to the whole company work force.

In conclusion, timesheet software  and time tracking allow you to both empower and monitor your employees. Many companies have seen the benefit of remote working contracts, and this is often achieved with good timesheet software.  Many businesses now use time tracking.  Isn’t it about time you see the advantages as well?

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