Reasons to Use Web Timesheets

Organizing a group of people around a single task can be challenging.  Even forgetting the difficulties of completing a task together, there are a number of logistical questions that need to be answered for everything to run smoothly.  For example, how will you keep track of your workers’ hours?  Regardless of the nature of the work, there has to be a better way than to require every person to manually record his or her timesheets.

This is where  web-based timesheet systems come into play.  Let’s take a moment to discuss how our web-based timesheet system can save you time and aggravation.

Accessible Anywhere

One of the best things about a web-based timesheet system is that it is accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection.  Workers with a smart phone, for example, can log in and begin their timesheet while heading towards a job without needing an internet connection.  By removing the limitation that a worker has to be at a certain place to log their hours, you create a more fluid workplace.

Easy to Set Up User Profiles

Web-based timesheet systems are designed to be as user friendly as possible.  Working off the assumption that users will have little past experience with computers, it is very easy to set up profiles for workers.  Once the worker has a profile, adding hours and signing in is a straightforward process that is simple to master.

Easy to Track

From a single source you will have the hours logged of every person who works for you.  This means that you will not have to sift through timecards to gather the information manually.  Instead, all of the information will be provided for you in a format that’s easy to access and share.

Multi-Platform Support

Not every person accesses the Internet in the same way.  Web-based timesheet systems are designed to address this by working cross platform.  By being available to the largest possible number of browsers and operating systems, every person will be able to log onto and record their hours without a problem.


Figuring out timesheets does not have to be a challenge.  Instead, use a web-based timesheet system to record, automatically sort, and archive your workers’ hours.  By using this system, you provide an open and simple way for people to record the time they spend working.  If there is ever a problem, all you have to do is check the information recorded to resolve any issues that may arise.

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